Life is all about continuous learning and evolution. Since the past one decade I have been learning ways to improve my life, living a mindful life, being more productive, de-cluttering and removing the unwanted, living stress free and filling my time with only what is necessary and helps me grow happy and successful.

With a limited lifespan it becomes more important to utilise our time wisely. While a lot of research has already been done and a lot is work in progress, Live Life Bliss has been created to share with everyone, my own learning’s which have been filtered out of vast study materials, hundreds of blogs and life practices which are tried and tested by me and has helped me evolve as a better person. Through Live Life Bliss – the intent is to help all my friends lead better lives, the way they desire, a life full of happiness and time well spent.

I am not a leadership guru or a life coach, I lead a normal life, I am not a Millionaire or something, but yes as one amongst everyone else, with time I have learnt better ways to lead a stress free, productive life, full of happiness and continuous learning.. while the learning is unending… the goal is to help everyone live better through self practiced life changing habits… 

Join me to Design a better life for yourself, the way you desire to live.. a more happy and fulfilled life.

Wishing you all a Happy Life !