Becoming So and So

Don’t be obsessed with becoming something. All of us are born with equal capabilities, but as we grow we get to learn different professions, different skill sets and by the time we enter teenage, we start visualising and aspiring a career, a profession, to be so and so.

Nothing wrong with aspirations until we are not obsessed with it. Choosing a career, a profession is because of what we have seen more of or because something has inspired us to be the So and So of society, may be a Pilot, a Doctor, an Actor, a CXO, an Entrepreneur.

Aspiring to be something is good until we are not so obsessed with it that we take ourself as a failure if we don’t become what we wish to.

I have had friends who wanted to be a Journalist, a Pilot or may be something else but when as adults they could not get what they wanted to be, they spent the rest of their lives thinking themself as a failure.

The purpose of life is not to achieve material goals. Till the time we keep growing, keep learning and spend our lifetime being better everyday, be it any profession, whether a housewife, a teacher, doctor, a professional or an entrepreneur, until we grow every single day, we have got to live a successful life, a blessed life.


Hi All, This post is written to share the best practices learnt by me to live a more fulfilled and successful life. I am on the path towards a better self and in my journey would want to help all my friends who want to lead a better, happy and successful life. To know me better and to learn the best practices, please connect via the Contact Us page or email us at [email protected]

Life of awareness

December 11, 2022