Minimalism & Digital Detox

We are in a world when anything can be bought at the touch of a finger. With increase in purchasing power and our unending desire to own – all of us have filled our lives and homes with materialistic things which we may never use or may have minimal usage. It has only added to the unending stress in our lives further complicating the decision making process and increased maintenance. We can only save ourself though Minimalism – owning less and owning only what is necessary.

  • If a 2 bedroom flat is sufficient for a family of four, why own a bungalow with 5 bedrooms, a guest quarter, a pool and two lawns to take care of. It will only increase your worries and cost of maintenance
  • Why own 30 shirts and 25 trousers (most of which remains unused), when we can very well manage with half of it
  • Many of our possessions, clothes form a majority of it are bought out of impulse and the desire to own more. This only adds to the clutter in our lives, adds to our expenditures, complicates our decision making. Less is always good
  • Donate clothes, books, shoes, show pieces, furniture, old appliances (microwaves in most houses are only to re-heat and do not have any actual use)
  • Own less stuff which is necessary, it will save you mental stress, ease your decisions, you get to purchase more frequently and consciously 
  • Have clutter free inbox 
  • Keep minimal furniture, allow kids to move around in the house, have plenty of play area
  • Keep surfaces clean, tape tops, refrigerator tops etc. Use drawers to stuff material. Clear surfaces give a clutter free look (try it)
  • Own simple crockery, less expensive, people cherish good food and simple crockery