Own Nothing – you can’t loose

Human life is filled of possessions, we strive throughout life to own one thing or the other, whether a house, a car, a yacht, fancy gadgets, clothes and much more. Our entire life cycle is spent acquiring things.

With every new material addition is added a little stress a little worry to keep it safe and valuable. At times to keep adding value to it… like every now and then renovating or re-designing whole or part of the house, upgrading your car with each purchase, constant upgrade of the phone and other gadgets with the latest one. All this adds a lot to your to-do’s and with every newly added possession is added a lot of stress.

The only way to live a stress free life with so many things to own in life is to disown them. To retain and use your possessions without worrying about loosing them. Life doesn’t stop without these material things… every material comfort made by man is to ease life and to add to our day to day utility. Man was born without any material things in life and can live without these things. Loosing a house or a car or a phone is not going to stop you to live life… it can only change the way you lead life… then why worry.

The best way to adding new assets in your life is to decide considering before every purchase what effect will it have in your life in case you loose it immediately after the purchase. If you are affected loosing the object then better not own it in the first place but if loosing it, doesn’t change your life much… please go ahead and own it.

The less we own, the better our life is


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February 19, 2022