Time / Energy Management

When all of us have limited number of days to live, with everyone getting exactly the same 24 hours in a day – one can only differentiate to have a more fulfilled, productive life without everyday stress when we prioritize energy management and better utilisation of our time.

  • Wake up early morning to get those extra hours of productive time without any distraction of messages, phone calls and the beeps of email popping up the entire day
  • When travelling or during your local commute – unwind by listening to your favourite songs, reading books or calling an old friend or cousin (only if you use a public transport) whom you have been wanting to talk to.
  • While at work , follow ’Pomodoro’, take 5-10 minutes of mini breaks after every dedicated work session of an hour
  • Have your daily coffee or meals with colleagues from other departments to get out of your work zone and make new work friends
  • Exercise and meditate for physical and mental wellness
  • When travelling or in office, remember to drink plenty of water and have your meals on time
  • Unplug for a digital detox