Work Life Balance

Our family and friends are the reason we work, to give them a happy and fulfilled life style. All work and no play will only make your efforts go wasted. While we work hard, it is important for us to also focus the limited time we have on the right reasons – our families. 
For a more balanced  work life schedule, follow the below recommended steps.

  • Have a morning routine – live your ‘me’ time every morning. Prioritise your physical and mental wellness to keep everyone around happy.  The famous quote relevant in this case is ‘wear your own mask before helping  others, you may not enjoy the tastiest deserts when you have a severe headache. 
  • Once you reach home, leave your office behind and likewise 
  • No emails or unnecessary phone calls once you are home. Once back home family should be the priority 
  • Have your dinner with family without fail – you get to bond better and discuss critical family matters like an upcoming marriage ceremony or planning of an holiday
  • Weather office or Work from Home – define dedicated work timings
  • Weekends are for family when weekdays have been served working
  • Go outdoor for games and picnics with family
  • Plan vacations with family- planning itself is lot of fun
  • Delegate work and empower your colleagues so that you are not required for every minor decision
  • Avoid perfectionism when not required
  • Unplug every evening and during weekends to rejuvenate
  • Strict No to television and mobile phones in the bedroom and dining area